Wednesday, July 07, 2010

New News?

No, no new news. Just a shout out to Mitt to hang in there. If ever we needed a turnaround president, it's now. With Mitt's experience turning around businesses, non-profit (SLC Olympics), and government (MA), he's established his street cred time and again. After the empty suit in charge now, we'll be looking for a filled out, button-busting, belt breaking, suspenders snapping suit. That's you Mitt. Just get the message out on your failed MA Healthcare experiment. Admit defeat, whether it was right or wrong at its inception (wrong from the get-go IMHO), whether it was altered and failed later, whatever. Just admit that it's not working. The public will forgive a failed STATE experiment, especially a leftist state crying out for this very thing. But you can't criticize the Federal Healthcare fiasco from a position of defending an all-too-similar state plan. It won't resonate. In any case, GO MITT ! !


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Website Link, with Apologies

It has been awhile since I have searched for grassroots websites and/or blogs supporting recruiting Condi as a presidential candidate. But one had come to my attention that I should have linked to by now, Americans for Rice. Nice site. Buy a bumber sticker. (Or design your own as I did from an online manufacturer).

I'm sure there are many other pro-Condi websites, and my links to them (and associated apologies and kudos) will be forthcoming as my awareness grows.

The good news? There is no lack of blogs and websites supporting Condi for President of the United States!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

An Editorial and an Unread Book

Just a short post to link to a WND commentary by Doug Powers. I'm sure Doug's expectation is not a shock to those of us who have come to expect nothing better of the left, and he does point out that race based attacks have already been in evidence. I see this, however, as a poor tactic for the left. Not only does a visceral race-based attack validate the concept that the real racists live among the left, but it also evidences that we are looking at the right candidate if the left can get nothing more on her than the color of her skin, and are willing to risk how racial attacks will play (they must know the backfire they will receive). The leftist Senators tried to stick something to Condi during Post-911 Senate hearings, to no avail. Looks like the reverse race card is all they have to date.

Also, looks like Dick Morris just won't get off his one man Condi 2008 bandwagon. Now a book to set the battle royale. At least Dick's 'enlist Condi campaign' seems like a one man act with consideration to major media players. On the other hand, insofar as spontaneous activity among the GOP grunt-faithful, I think even the glimmer of hope of a Condi Rice reluctant candidacy has the biggest buzz going by far. I guess I'll have to buy his book; Morris' analysis is generally very good and his insight on the Clintons' objectives and strategies possibly cannot be matched. But can we count on Dick Morris not to be colored by his personal pique?

BTW, one very good sign is the number of times my Condi Rice 2008 bumper sticker gets kicked and smeared here in Wellstone's backyard.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Mainstreaming the Grassroots Movement

Moving the grassroots push for Condi's candidacy into the mainstream media will be a challenge unless laden with spin or poorly timed.

Here is a link to an article that popped up on Yahoo News.

Notice Karl Rove's name as early as the 4th paragraph. Suggestion ... like Bush, she would be a Rove puppet (and asserted at the very time when Rove's name is being smeared - albeit for no good reason).

I would guess that Condi for President articles will be waiting in the newsprint wings and trickled out when the timing and spin can be seen as damaging to her candidacy.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Just Posting an Editorial

No time to pontificate, but this post links an older Dick Morris editorial. He continues to be a champion of the Condi for '08 cause. I love the concept of 'drafting' your president. A reluctant president is just what this country needs.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Dick Morris Knows

Saw Dick Morris the other night on Hannity & Colmes, and after pooh-poohing the possibility of a repeated Kerry run in 2008 (or of any other DNC contender but Hillary), he went on to describe why John McCain and Rudy will not be palatable to the GOP core. When Sean tried to pin Dick down on a viable GOP nominee, Dick's answer? Condi Rice. To which Sean's response was more confirmatory than surprised.

I may not be a huge Dick Morris fan - a political mercenary from way back, now settled comfortably into the talking-head role. But I have had to admit that his prognostication and analysis is pretty good.

Here's a Dick Morris editorial of particular interest to me (I have had a Condi Rice 2008 bumper sticker on the car since Nov 3rd):


Condi is unlikely to show any interest in running, especially this early in her now position. But that doesn't stop our grassroots efforts to persuade.

Monday, October 11, 2004

John Kerry, Evidenced Elitist

I identified three evidences of Mr. Kerry's elitism Friday night:

1) John's servile uses of first names and cross-references to prior questioners during his rejoinders. This was an obvious planned tactic to appear 'connected', and I thought it came off very artificial. So artificial that it was distracting.

2) John's assumption that no audience participants were worth over $200,000 in annual income. I have heard many that picked up this overt slam on the good people of Missouri. Mr. Kerry obviously thinks these Missouri louts couldn't be worth serious money (else why wouldn't they pick up stakes and move to the coasts). My wife audibly gasped when he tossed that one in.

My Contribution (I think very few picked up this one):

3) When John was asked about stem cell research, the questioner asked a fact-based, studied and thought provoking question ... paraphrasing ... When adult stem cells and umbilical stem cells are now being used successfully in therapy, and no one has been successfully treated by embryonic stem cells, what are your thoughts on embryonic stem cell research? At first, John seemed non-plussed. Then before launching into his planned Stem Cell Talking Points, he said, "You know, Elizabeth, I really respect your -- the feeling that's in your question. I understand it. I know the morality that's prompting that question, and I respect it enormously." He completely glossed over the studied facts behind her sensible question, and never addressed them. Worse, he simply lumped her into the led-by-the-heart "pro-lifer" bucket, reading her mind and heart. (Perhaps his running mate has taught Mr. Kerry how to 'channel'). This woman's voice wasn't quivering, tears were not in her eyes, no t-shift portraying an embryos beating heart bannered her chest. It was a simple question based on emotionless facts at hand. I felt sorry that her wise question went unanswered, but I felt worse that she was so terribly patronized.

Kerry's disconnectedness is more glaring at every opportunity to be spontaneously caught on camera.