Wednesday, July 07, 2010

New News?

No, no new news. Just a shout out to Mitt to hang in there. If ever we needed a turnaround president, it's now. With Mitt's experience turning around businesses, non-profit (SLC Olympics), and government (MA), he's established his street cred time and again. After the empty suit in charge now, we'll be looking for a filled out, button-busting, belt breaking, suspenders snapping suit. That's you Mitt. Just get the message out on your failed MA Healthcare experiment. Admit defeat, whether it was right or wrong at its inception (wrong from the get-go IMHO), whether it was altered and failed later, whatever. Just admit that it's not working. The public will forgive a failed STATE experiment, especially a leftist state crying out for this very thing. But you can't criticize the Federal Healthcare fiasco from a position of defending an all-too-similar state plan. It won't resonate. In any case, GO MITT ! !