Tuesday, October 18, 2005

An Editorial and an Unread Book

Just a short post to link to a WND commentary by Doug Powers. I'm sure Doug's expectation is not a shock to those of us who have come to expect nothing better of the left, and he does point out that race based attacks have already been in evidence. I see this, however, as a poor tactic for the left. Not only does a visceral race-based attack validate the concept that the real racists live among the left, but it also evidences that we are looking at the right candidate if the left can get nothing more on her than the color of her skin, and are willing to risk how racial attacks will play (they must know the backfire they will receive). The leftist Senators tried to stick something to Condi during Post-911 Senate hearings, to no avail. Looks like the reverse race card is all they have to date.

Also, looks like Dick Morris just won't get off his one man Condi 2008 bandwagon. Now a book to set the battle royale. At least Dick's 'enlist Condi campaign' seems like a one man act with consideration to major media players. On the other hand, insofar as spontaneous activity among the GOP grunt-faithful, I think even the glimmer of hope of a Condi Rice reluctant candidacy has the biggest buzz going by far. I guess I'll have to buy his book; Morris' analysis is generally very good and his insight on the Clintons' objectives and strategies possibly cannot be matched. But can we count on Dick Morris not to be colored by his personal pique?

BTW, one very good sign is the number of times my Condi Rice 2008 bumper sticker gets kicked and smeared here in Wellstone's backyard.


Blogger Ergo Sum said...

Why is it that so many Ayn Rand admirer-blogger's write mostly about politics on their blogs?

hmmm.. you're christian AND love Ayn Rand's works. Strange. I'm sure you know that if Rand were alive and were to know of you, she would despise your moral relativism!

October 20, 2005 at 5:39 PM  
Blogger Read Your Ayn Rand said...

You've correctly nailed me - a Christian and a lover of Ayn Rand's writings. If she were to despise me and my Christianity I would love her writing no less.

But yes, I focus on the aspects of her writing that enoble man, show the worth of the individual and eschew collectivism in all of its forms. The fact that C.S. Lewis is my other favorite author tells you all you need to know about my acceptance of the Objectivist rejection of religion or spirituality.

But I'm not sure where you get moral relativism out of this. I can see confusion (I am admittedly a complex creature), but why moral relativism? I can say that "A is A", and often do, as well as any man. I can call an evil act evil based on reason, scripture and conscience. Moral relativism is the disease of those who have simply abrogated their responsibility to learn, assess and judge. That's not me Ergosumsan.

October 24, 2005 at 12:25 PM  
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